Plastic pallets are taking more significant part in the modern part of packaging revolution.  This is because they have numerous benefits the most vital one being they do not need special treatment as would wood. Take note that pest can reach any part of the world and harm forests and local agriculture.  Factoring in this, International Standards for Phytosanitary Measure created guidelines to regulate wood packaging material in international trade so as to prevent the spread of pests.


Some of these guidelines include heat treatment or fumigation before, to get rid of pests and protect the wood against new infections. Non-solid pallets such as the one made from paper, Presswood, plastic or metal are exempt from these treatment requirements.

Plastic pallets have been in the market for the last more than five decades and the escalation of their usage to grow every year.


However, take note that the selection of pallet has more than the price tag; the cheapest might not be the best fit for your application. The great idea regarding them is that they are of various high tech designs; each is designed for a particular purpose and market. This means the choice of purchase will be determined by the market segment which you want to serve. In some of the leads, you will be told of doing some market research before you settle for a certain design or size.


Because of the increasing cost of hardwood, wood packing has become very costly; this is the main reason why plastic packing has become very popular for shipping. It combines two essential factors which are; less expensive and the most suitable alternate of wood. In fact, this type of packing represents significant savings over wood pallets because it significantly reduces wastes a reason behind exporters preferring the use of these plastic pallets. To read more on the importance of getting the best plastic pallets check out


Here are other benefits of using export plastic pellets; they are very clean and decent, can be stored outdoors, they are exempt of ISPM 15, very suitable for air freight as well as manual handling because they are of lightweight and they have very competitive pricing. Their stability reduces freight costs as well space in the transportation facility. On top of this, they also come in many designs and sizes not forgetting their consistent sizing and weight, purchase plastic pallets for sale here! 



These plastic export pallets cannot simply be compared with wood pallets; they are far much convenient in cost, durability, flexibility, and cleanliness, click here to get started!